Friday, September 27, 2013

Not Just for Coffee Anymore

When Jon and I moved in together, we had a coffee table way before we bought a couch. There would be nights we would sit on next to the table, and eat dinner while watching our favorite shows.  Once we got a couch, we decided to forego the coffee table and got two small ottomans with trays for entertaining, storage, and/or sitting. A few months ago, Jon and I were doing some weekend shopping at West Elm when we came across this coffee table. Jon looked at me and said, "This is an AMAZING coffee table!"  Now for anyone that knows Jon, he's a pretty easy going fella, and does not have a strong opinion about home decorating or furniture for that matter. He was so into this coffee table, I was totally shocked.  He said, "We have to get this!"  Since it was a little bit of a financial investment for us (our previous coffee table was from Ikea), we decided to think about it for a little bit. Weeks later, Jon was still talking about the coffee table.  So when West Elm had a sale, we ordered the coffee table.  Now we come to the reason for this post; I had to figure out how to decorate our table.  After browsing through countless images on Pinterest and seeing some really helpful how-to videos, here are the main elements to decorate or update the look of your coffee table.

  1. Books - Coffee table books can show your personal style and interests.  The only rule I tend to follow is stick to a book that has mostly images instead of text. We have a ton of art and art history books lying around that I rotate throughout the year.  I also love books about fashion, travel, or interior decorating

  2. Trays - I think trays can be so versatile on a table. It allows me to put decor and other objects on the table, and then take them all off in one swoop if needed. They make the table look styled and organized.  I chose this tray since I like that you can still see the beautiful wood on our table. However, I also like these options and may update over time.  When winter comes, I will probably lay a placemat inside the tray like this one to add some holiday decor. 

  3. Candles - I think that white candles look the best since they are so neutral. I also usually ignore the scentless candle rule if I'm not serving dinner.  This candle is my favorite during the fall.  My mother in law also gave me the best candle advise I've ever heard; only choose scents that are natural to the earth.  Stay away from the ones that smell like baked goods since they usually have saccharine in them (and make me want to eat an entire batch of cookies). 

  4. Plants or Flowers - I always try to have fresh flowers in the house.  They bring simple beauty to any space, and the coffee table seems pulled together with some type of natural element on it. I try to stick to plants or flowers that are not very tall since we watch TV over our coffee table. Succulents and pothos are also a good coffee table plants. 

  5. Decor -  Try to add some personal style to your table. I have a small glass bottle that currently holds conversation questions. Poker cards, interesting sculptures, or seasonal elements can add an whimsical touch and make your table feel less like a picture from a catalog. 

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