Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wedding Registry a.k.a. Jon Got Free Breakfast

This past weekend, Jon and I registered for our wedding.  We (and by that I mean I) decided that Crate and Barrel would be a great spot to register for many of our kitchen needs. We signed up for a wedding registry event and set our alarms for Sunday morning to arrive with dozens of other couples ready to scan to their heart's content. I give lots of credit to the guys in this situation.  There were a lot of men following their soon-to-be-wives around the store while she asked what kind of spoon he liked better.  C&B does make it easier for the guys though.  There were multiple tables full of food, and every time I looked up, Jon had a new plate in his hand.  After two and a half hours and a full battery charge on my phone (wedding registries now have apps for your smartphone instead of a store scanner), we were able to pick out most of our kitchen wants and needs. Below are a couple of my favorite items that I can't wait to use.

This ivory marble cheese board will hold big hunks of cheese while entertaining

Beautiful wooden bowl for serving salad

The perfect picnic knife for our summer dining alfresco

Reusable produce bags for the grocery store instead of those difficult plastic ones

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Job's a Job, Right?

Today on my bus ride home, I overheard a girl talking to a friend about quitting her job.  She was a waitress at a great Uptown restaurant and apparently decided to leave unexpectedly. She told her friend that she had found a new job, but wasn't too thrilled with it.  The friend replied, "Hey, a job's a job, right?" On my walk home, I really thought about that phrase.  When does a job become more than a job?  Or even better yet, when does a passion become a career, and people just call it a job?
Currently, I am pursuing a new career at my work.  It is not easy, and it has taken me a lot of time and effort (which is why my posts are far and few between).  However, I know in the end it will be worth it.  I call this next step a career move because it will be the first job that allows me to use my creativity. It is the first job that I am pursuing, not because I need a new job, but because I want this position and I have a passion for it.  Whoh...I think I just grew up a little bit.  I am chasing a dream, and it feels good.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Walk in the front door and dance out the back

We all have our favorites; favorite songs, favorite movies, favorite nail polish. I even have a favorite T-shirt that I use when I want a really good nights sleep. I know we aren't supposed to have favorite grandparents, but I can't help it. Not to say that I don't love them all, but my Grandma Montrone has always been my favorite. She is my mother's mother through and through and I have so many reasons why I love her dearly.
•She always said the funniest things (hence the title of this post).
• She would say the rosary everyday, always have a blessed candle lite in her living room, and always ask St Anthony to help her find something if it was lost.
•Grandma used damn and shit in most sentences. It was even more funny if she was talking religion while saying these.
•She loved to dance. There was always dancing and music played at Grandma's house.
• Everyone was always invited over for dinner. Since we are Italian, there was always plenty of food.
•She would tell everyone we met that I was her granddaughter from Minnesota. It always made me feel so special.
•She loved my Grandpa unconditionally, absolutely, eternally.

Today is my Grandmother's birthday. And although she is still around, her mind is not keeping up with her spirit. It has been a joy to think of all the reasons I love her so much and I feel so lucky to have had so many wonderful memories with her over the years. Happy Birthday Grandma! Thank you for being my favorite!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Travel Essentials

Ok, elephant in the room. It's been a WAY too long since I've posted!  I truly think about posting every day, but life has become pretty interesting; with wedding planning, trying to get promoted at work, and Spanish class (Jon insists I take a class to learn Spanish.  It's really improved my Italian...more on that later), finding time to post has become far and few between.  No more excuses!  I've missed you and I'm glad you are still here!
Let's talk about fashion, traveling and how to merge the two.  Since I'll be traveling to Europe for my wedding/honeymoon/vacation, I would be lying if I didn't say that I wasn't worried about what I will be packing. Let's hope that Jon is the amazing fiancĂ© that I know he is, and will let me use at least 3/4 of his suitcase for my overflow. I have been on a serious hunt for some new items that I have considered a must-have for our trip. I am sure the list will grow, but for now, I hope these items become your travel essentials as well.

I'm obsessed withe this fedora.  Perfect for at the beach or in the city. 

These polarized Ray-Ban's are my go to. 

I need a cute pair of sneakers for getting lost in Italian cities. 

This passport case is easy to find in my giant carry-on tote.

The perfect little camera bag that doesn't look like one. 

This tripod allows us to take our own photos instead of asking random people.