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I look at this photo and it seems ages ago. I took it while laying in the sun on a hotel rooftop in Miami. In reality, it was only taken 3 weeks ago today almost to the minute. Since then, a pandemic has taken this world by storm. Mother Nature is shouting from the rooftops and people are being forced to listen. We are being told to stay home, don't leave the house unless necessary, and practice social distancing. Such a funny term: social distancing. What will this do to human connection? To human culture? Behavior? Our future perspective in this world is about to go through a massive shift. "Are you ready for this," Mother Nature asks? I sure wasn't. 

I have been learning so much about myself in the past 2 weeks.  How does one react in vastly unknown and uncertain times? I am no longer in a rush to do things.  It's strange, I never felt that hurried before but now there is ample time to focus on things I didn't spend that much time on before. Connecting with…
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Checking in...

my morning meditation view

Is this thing on??

So I found out that it's not a good thing to pay for a website, and then not blog on it for a few years. So in the blogging world, I've lost a few years of my life there.  But in reality, so much has happened. I've taken on some new roles in both my professional and personal life, but I'll go on more in depth later on. For now, let's give this another go.  Ready, set,  Blog!

Superbowl Bites

Even though I played sports in high school and I like to watch sporting events, I don't follow sports teams too closely.  However, I have many fond memories growing up watching football games on Sunday and Monday nights in front of a crackling fire and snacking on mom's appetizers. So to me, watching the Superbowl is about being with friends, eating some comfort food, and yelling at the guys who get paid millions of dollars a year to catch a pigskin. My sister is hosting a Superbowl party this year and in order to keep her sanity, it's potluck style. Here are some of the bites I'm thinking about bringing.

Mini Pretzel Dogs
Parmesan Wasabi Edamame
Zucchini Ricotta Fritters
Oreo Truffle Cookies

Honey and Rye Bakehouse

Favorite new weekend spot
Hello everyone!  It’s been way too long since my last post, sorry about that.  After the holidays my attention totally been focused on getting our new home in order.  It’s taken me a while to get used to everything; the longer commute to work, cooking in a different kitchen, and trying to figure out the best layout for my closet. I took a step back from blogging to work on things in the home, but I’m happy that every day, I’m getting closer to feeling comfortable and happy in our new place.  I miss Uptown very much, but I definitely enjoy living in a place where I don’t have to worry about our pipes freezing during a polar vortex. For real Mother Nature, we get it. It’s January and cold weather is just part of the party.  But -40!? Please send Jack Frost to Florida for the winter. Thanks.
Any-hoo…in the meantime, I have been trying to get to know the shops and stores around our new place.  So when the time comes where I want to walk outside, I will have a var…

The Game of Life

Christmas day games

What the heck is going on?!  I’m posting once a month?!  (insert bug eyes and crazy eyebrows here) To all of those still checking and looking for my posts, I thank you for staying with me through some really busy times.  Here is what’s going on….
Jon and I bought a condo! Yay!!! It all happened so fast (we closed a month after we initially saw the place) and then we went to Utah for Thanksgiving and then the holiday season began full force.  Normally, I would be sharing photos, DIY projects that we are working on, and even updates throughout the space.  Sadly, none of those things are happening because we haven’t done any.  I’m lucky I got a Christmas tree up! As much as I LOVE the Christmas season, I am also looking forward for it to be over so I can paint, drill, make, repaint, etc.  Even though the place isn’t how we are dreaming it to be one day, it’s a lovely space for Jon and I.  It has a real wood burning fireplace (unheard of in a condo!) and a view overlo…

So Grateful

This has been the best year of my life.  I can truly say with confidence that I have never felt so blessed and fortunate to have the friends, family, and experiences like this year.  We are spending this Thanksgiving with my extended family in Utah, and I am so happy to be surrounded by loved ones to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season. I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! XO