Sunday, March 10, 2013

1 Year

1 year ago today, I picked a name, created a site, and wrote my first blog post on Lady Nine.  It has been so much fun for me to share my creative thoughts, inspirations, and daily life with you all.  I have big plans for Lady Nine this year, I hope you become a "regular" and visit often.
  • Lady Nine (the name) was inspired by the song, Lady Day by Billie Holiday. One of my favorite songs to this day. 
  • My first post was on a beautiful Minnesota spring day.  It was 60 degrees that day.  Today, the high is 36 and we are supposed to get snow tomorrow.  Minnesota weather is unpredictable. 
  • According to my statistics, I am averaging about 2.6 posts a month.  That seems ridiculous since my social/cooking/baking/shopping calendar is way more packed than that.  While I work to get that number up, feel free to follow me on Twitter as I like to post random thoughts and pictures daily. 
Thanks for celebrating Lady Nine's birthday with me today, I think it's time for cupcakes!  Here are my favorite posts from this past year. 

Still my favorite Spring/Summer beverage.  I'll be posting variations of this recipe this summer. 

The essence of food, friends, and summer.

The most beautiful moment of my life thus far. 

I'm trying to come up with excuses to make these Christmas cookies all year round. 

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