Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Did somebody say steak?

Grass fed New York cut steak

There are some days I think I could be a vegetarian.  And then there are days where all I can think about is eating a perfectly cooked steak.  I have grown to love steak more and more over the years and really appreciate going to a nice steakhouse for a good cut and amazing sides.  When a new restaurant opens in Uptown, you can be sure I have a reservation within their first few weeks of opening. Burch opened their doors last month and I was so excited to read reviews and try out their new menu.  With a Steakhouse on the main level and a Pizza Bar down below, I was very intrigued to see what kind of atmosphere could combine those two concepts. I have now been to Burch twice, and both visits were remarkable.  The food was fantastic and there was a refined aura to the restaurant.  On the main floor, they kept the original tile flooring of the old Burch Pharmacy which adds a touch of history to a modern steakhouse.  The menu has plenty to choose from and will please many different palates.  Down below in the Pizza Bar, the walls seem to be the original foundation in it's rustic form lined with votive candles for some extra ambiance. The menu was reasonably priced with a variety of pizzas and small bites to choose from.  The bar was full with people sipping cocktails from mix masters while house music was playing through the speakers.  Burch is a great new addition to Uptown, I am sure it will gain many new regulars.  I wonder if I can make two reservations for the same night; eat steak on the main level and then head downstairs for pizza?  Sounds like a winning plan to me!

Warm atmosphere in the Pizza Bar

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