Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Buon Natale

An annual Christmas cookie exchange always brings a little nervous excitement to those who enjoy spending time in the kitchen. My sisters and I have one every December, and I have been inclined to make different types of cookie each year. It's tough to find a cookie that can be made in large quantities, taste delightful, and look pleasing.  This year, I decided to fall back on my roots, and create a traditional Italian cookie.  Enter: The Pizzelle.  I invested in this pizzelle maker, and thought this could be my annual Christmas cookie contribution (whoh, say that 5 times fast).  In my hunt for the perfect traditional recipe, I found Brown Eyed Baker, my new favorite food blog. The cookies turned out lovely, and for once I was not covered in flour, with drops of batter in my hair by the time I finished baking. Next year I might take it up a notch and try making cannolis.  Hopefully when I'm old and grey, my great grandkids will remember me as the grandmother who made wonderful pizzelle cookies, despite the batter in my hair.

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