Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wedding Registry a.k.a. Jon Got Free Breakfast

This past weekend, Jon and I registered for our wedding.  We (and by that I mean I) decided that Crate and Barrel would be a great spot to register for many of our kitchen needs. We signed up for a wedding registry event and set our alarms for Sunday morning to arrive with dozens of other couples ready to scan to their heart's content. I give lots of credit to the guys in this situation.  There were a lot of men following their soon-to-be-wives around the store while she asked what kind of spoon he liked better.  C&B does make it easier for the guys though.  There were multiple tables full of food, and every time I looked up, Jon had a new plate in his hand.  After two and a half hours and a full battery charge on my phone (wedding registries now have apps for your smartphone instead of a store scanner), we were able to pick out most of our kitchen wants and needs. Below are a couple of my favorite items that I can't wait to use.

This ivory marble cheese board will hold big hunks of cheese while entertaining

Beautiful wooden bowl for serving salad

The perfect picnic knife for our summer dining alfresco

Reusable produce bags for the grocery store instead of those difficult plastic ones

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  1. It was a pleasure registering with you my love, you were definitely in your element.