Thursday, February 7, 2013

Travel Essentials

Ok, elephant in the room. It's been a WAY too long since I've posted!  I truly think about posting every day, but life has become pretty interesting; with wedding planning, trying to get promoted at work, and Spanish class (Jon insists I take a class to learn Spanish.  It's really improved my Italian...more on that later), finding time to post has become far and few between.  No more excuses!  I've missed you and I'm glad you are still here!
Let's talk about fashion, traveling and how to merge the two.  Since I'll be traveling to Europe for my wedding/honeymoon/vacation, I would be lying if I didn't say that I wasn't worried about what I will be packing. Let's hope that Jon is the amazing fiancé that I know he is, and will let me use at least 3/4 of his suitcase for my overflow. I have been on a serious hunt for some new items that I have considered a must-have for our trip. I am sure the list will grow, but for now, I hope these items become your travel essentials as well.

I'm obsessed withe this fedora.  Perfect for at the beach or in the city. 

These polarized Ray-Ban's are my go to. 

I need a cute pair of sneakers for getting lost in Italian cities. 

This passport case is easy to find in my giant carry-on tote.

The perfect little camera bag that doesn't look like one. 

This tripod allows us to take our own photos instead of asking random people. 

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