Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Job's a Job, Right?

Today on my bus ride home, I overheard a girl talking to a friend about quitting her job.  She was a waitress at a great Uptown restaurant and apparently decided to leave unexpectedly. She told her friend that she had found a new job, but wasn't too thrilled with it.  The friend replied, "Hey, a job's a job, right?" On my walk home, I really thought about that phrase.  When does a job become more than a job?  Or even better yet, when does a passion become a career, and people just call it a job?
Currently, I am pursuing a new career at my work.  It is not easy, and it has taken me a lot of time and effort (which is why my posts are far and few between).  However, I know in the end it will be worth it.  I call this next step a career move because it will be the first job that allows me to use my creativity. It is the first job that I am pursuing, not because I need a new job, but because I want this position and I have a passion for it.  Whoh...I think I just grew up a little bit.  I am chasing a dream, and it feels good.

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  1. Good for you and so sad for job is a job people. I think we all should have a passion for our job.Ok, there always gonna be someone who will make it a bit hard, yet it shouldn't stop us from at least liking what we do.
    Good luck in your new next step of career!

    xoxo Ra