Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Jingle Bell Time, It's a Swell Time...

The holidays are in full swing around here!  A few weeks ago we got our first big snowfall of the year and it has created a nostalgic "White Christmas" feeling in the cities. This festive season only comes once a year, so I try to do the most I can without becoming a Grinch in the process.  Holiday parties, cookie exchanges, seeing the Hollidazzle, and going to "A Christmas Carol" at the Guthrie has filled my weekends with joy and happiness.  I hope you enjoy your own holiday traditions, and take some time to reflect on all the love and cheer this time of year brings.

"A Christmas Carol" at the Guthrie Theater

These stuffed mushrooms are an easy appetizer and so delicious

The new art instillation at Mall of America

Christmas shopping at the new H&M in Calhoun Square

My niece and my mother play with the Christmas tree ornaments

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  1. Pretty lady, what holiday fun! Glad you are in the spirit. Have a beautiful Christmas with your fam and friends!