Friday, July 27, 2012

Whatever I Want It To Be

Outdoor concert at the Wolfe Park Amphitheater

It's finally the weekend, we made it! I am looking forward to this weekend for various reasons. In particular, I do not have any plans.  There is not a single place that I have to be at any given time.  That has not happened since April.  Ok, maybe not April, but not for a really long time.  This weekend is whatever I want it to be, and that is a wonderful thing.  Tonight, I will start the weekend by watching the opening ceremonies to the Summer Olympics while ordering takeout (USA) and drinking wine (Italian).  Obviously, I will be celebrating multiple countries tonight. I wish you all a wonderful weekend, and I leave you with my top three items on my shopping list this week.  Cheers!

Such a cute flat for this fall

I love the print on this inkjet scarf

I will be ordering these crinkle fans for my summer wedding

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