Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Ah...Venice.  I have had the pleasure of visiting this floating city three times in my life now. I consider to be very lucky to have experienced it so many times.  The canals, the gondoliers, and St. Mark's square are all part of what makes this city so lovely to see.  A major downfall with the city however is the tourism.  It is an extremely touristic city which means it's difficult to find authentic food and local people.  We arrived to Venice on a Monday and stayed until Wednesday which gave us enough time to walk around and show my family the famous sites to see. The only bummer was that the Peggy Guggenheim Museum was closed on Tuesday so we were unable make a stop. However, I was really excited that we were able to find an incredible restaurant with the most amazing food. If I ever make it to Venice a fourth time, we will definitely be eating there again. The thing I love most about Venice is the nighttime. Since there are no cars in the city (the only transportation is on the water), nighttime is so quiet and beautiful.  This is why I find the city incredibly romantic.  It would not be unusual to sit outside late into the night at a cafe, drinking wine and overlooking a canal.   I have even sat on a bridge with friends (maybe more than once) drinking wine and living "una bella vita!"  Salut!

Water taxi

Incredible Lasagna at Enoiteca Mascareta

Beautiful tile floor in St. Mark's Cathedral

Breakfast at Moka Efti Crazy Bar.

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