Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cake in a Pie Pan

Usually when the weather turns warmer, I find myself coming up with excuses to have parties and other random get togethers.  It's really just an excuse for me to cook and bake, and not eat everything myself.  This past weekend I wanted to do a little baking for Sunday night dinner, and found this recipe in one of my new cookbooks, Barefoot Contessa 'How Easy is That?' by Ina Garten. A cake in a pie pan?! It was way too intriguing to pass up. As I began to gather my ingredients, I realized that fresh cranberries are not available this time of year.  Since I couldn't decide between cherries or blueberries, I made two cakes instead, one with blueberries, one with cherries. The end result was a wonderful and easy desert that satisfied my sweet tooth and my itch to bake.


  1. That looks amazing! I want to try it at home now :)


  2. Yum that looks so delicious :-)