Sunday, May 19, 2013

Swiss cheese

A leisurely stroll through the empty streets

The last few days have been absolute heaven. Jon and I started our wedding trip with a visit to his parents in Switzerland. We arrived on Friday happy and ready for relaxation. We have had a wonderful time strolling around small Swiss towns and enjoying delicious meals with my in-laws-to-be. They are such great company and I am sad to leave them so soon. However, it helps knowing that we will see them again in just a few days for our wedding. Our few days spent here have been exactly what I needed, rest, relaxation, and Swiss cheese.

    Lake Zug

    Water fountain in Lucerne

    Champagne and amazing sunset at Theater Casino in Zug

    Beautiful flower shop in the old town

    Amazing lunch at Brasserie Bodu. Our wedding song played while we ate and life was perfect.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

La Vita é Bella

Today we leave for our wedding and honeymoon.  Even as I type it, it's hard to believe the day is actually here. I have a range of mixed emotions for today;  happy, excited, anxious, hungry, and that feeling of wondering what I'm forgetting to pack. As I was looking through photos for this post, I paged through so many photo albums of when I lived there and when Jon and I went back to visit.  These photos put an instant smile on my face and my heart began to dance.  Italy is my happy place, and I cannot wait to be marrying the man I love at a place that means so much to us. To be totally honest (and I know many of you brides out there may give me the stink eye for this), wedding planning was so much easier than I expected, and I have truly enjoyed every minute of it.  Life has many ups and downs, and the next few weeks will be filled with many ups. I am sure traveling with the entire family will be challenging at times. However, for the next two weeks I am going live, laugh, and love as much as I possibly can. Life is beautiful, and I cannot wait to live out this adventure. Ciao!